Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Feel that what you said is quite right

from.The Xiao is quiet Chu the son breeze took an alone studio, the studio wasn,t very big, at also 10-20 squares are or so, here is the moncler clothing place that makes the student paint, not a classroom, so doing not need as well is big.All tools had to paint in the studio there is the tool of Chinese painting, there is also ocean painting of, there is also the type of a lot of painting papers and paintbrush.So far, Chu the son none of breeze knows the Xiao is quiet to seek he or she what matter, this all the way come down don,t also ask, the Chu son breeze doesn,t want moncler to provoke to more look in the eyeses of homicides, so still keep keeping silent better."Is quiet to learn elder sister, you heel we the class lead is ……"The Xiao is quiet to smile an answer of way:"You class lead is my mama of the younger sister is also me of aunt.""So that is why, however see with the age that the class leads, the age of your mother should also not calculate greatly?"Ask chemisette age though piece the affair that has no courtesy very much, can ask the daughter his mother is age and then be another matter."My mama 40 many, only my wife is younger sister is just a little bit late born."", Is so."The affair of other people is house still little find out, don,t let the Xiao calm down misunderstand oneself to want really beat her attention that not good!"To, calm down to learn elder sister, do you seek me to exactly have what matter?""In fact you those words that once said with me that day, I am after returning to cautiously thought for a while, feel that what you said is quite right.But, I basically can not find the felling that you say, so the thing drawing out still could not reach the request that I want."In fact the Xiao calms down to draw that day of already very like, only Chu the taste of the son breeze more Gao is just.To an university student, having Xiao to calm down that etc. capability isn,t really rare, really do know why she wants for the sake of those words

"The Chu son breeze walks to ask a way to classroom doorway

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Friday, November 26, 2010

There is knife the cold Ao mood in the hand the moment is greatly good

lifts a leg one feet to heavily kick on the bottom of tiger, and loudly say:"Do not all not say that the bottom of tiger touches not to get!Today, cold little make your chrysanthemum cripple, the full Mao harms."Say, the cold Ao continues to kick out several heavy feet of recording again and keep kicking of the tiger shout loudly.Saw an eye still nail carry on the back last Tu Ling after tiger, the cold Ao peeped out a smiling face that belongs to his/her own placard.The body retreated two, forward and quickly hurtled to go out again, one lent the dint cold Ao direct from started to jump at first.Trample the body of tiger, climbed its empress to carry on the back up.Because the temperament of moncler online tiger is extremely unsteady at this time, it causes it the bodily rock range is very big, the cold Ao only depresses his/her own body center of gravity, and Ye is living then the tiger skin of tiger can keep body be not jilted bottom.Use nearly three minutes, cold Ao just arrive at the front of Tu Ling Dao.Just at this time, tiger already not at to just that sort is crary, seek a good opportunity, cold Ao a jump but rise.The hands are accurate to without any error hold tight Tu Ling Dao is haft, there is knife the cold Ao mood in the hand the moment is greatly good, because, he knows he already victory.It is that big tiger to lower the head to see an eye, the cold Ao smiles a way:"You die moncler clothing of should be worth very much, because you are already me now a piece of mat feet of the successful road stone."Finish saying, don,t take one silk kindness in the eyes of cold Ao, the Tu grasping stired out after working properly in the tiger body to revolve 1 turn.The cold Ao saw eye tiger huge skull, sneered at for a while and raised knife to toward it to keep on chopping down.When the cold Ao falls to the

But when it just explored the head past

cold Ao Shan now Guo Hai ever and personally train his/her own condition clearly, thought of Guo Hai clearly of recruit type, the cold Ao also learns his appearance.The right hand fists this pebble, the double in the tiger claw has already approached his double shoulder, the attack of cold Ao has been already started.The right hand wrist that sees cold Ao is made an effort one action of flower Shao of tremble, equally having no, with lend oneself violent strength of wrist, cold Ao already naked eye not it is thus clear that of the speed jilt a , this pebble.Thus short distance, the tiger basically has no the opportunity of dodge, the pebble has no to hang to read of shooting and going into its eyes.The original tiger moncler jackets after intending press down cold Ao uses own neck that the tooth seals cold Ao.But when it just explored the head past, a pebble nowise showed consideration of broke its plan.The ache of eyes, let it in a twinkling forgot all plans wretched of call a , the tiger immediately takes back claw son to hold up his/her own eyes.See this opportunity, the cold Ao nature can,t pass.Pick up a pebble again, the cold Ao took aim two times and towarded it another eyes to beat to pass by."Ao ……."Two eyes are in a twinkling made by two small pebbles blind.This lets tiger pain and sufferings not already, it has already not and uped attend to pour in the cold Ao on the ground at this time.Directly brandish legs, in the sky disorderly Nao and grasp indiscriminately, in that manner is seeming is venting pain and sufferings in the heart.The mankind is weakness is a pair of eyes, obviously the tiger is also equally such.At this time, the cold Ao has already risen and stayed away tiger legs at first from the station, the cold Ao directly arrives at tiger after death and

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ron Pauled Out

Recently, at RPF [link], someone stated that they were Ron Pauled out. What he meant by this is that he had so much enthusiasm when he first heard of Dr. Paul and his message that he fervently supported him. However, over the course of a few days, weeks or months, his support has waned.

I think that this may be a problem for several supporters and I think that it is an important issue to address. Many of Paul's supporters are angry. In fact, they've been characterized as the angry libertarian cats. This is clearly true especially in the face of blatant opposition such as the case with Ed Failor and the Iowa debates.

However, this is the wrong approach for the Paul supporters to take. At least, that is my humble opinion. Dr. Paul stated in a speech at "Ronstock" that he wanted his supporters to have fun. I wholeheartedly agree with the good doctor (surprise!) and think that the little comment he made should be taken to heart.

Many supporters take this election very, very seriously--and, rightly so. However, approaching the electoral process with anger and disdain is counter-productive and counter-intuitive. There are certain situations where fervent support for Dr. No is both necessary and encouraged--such as the situation with Ed Failor. However, at other times, the rabid attack and hatred that comes from the community is unhealthy and, at times, scary. For example, before the straw poll there were a few concerned citizens that went through a legal process to hold up the Straw Poll. While I disagree with what they did and how they associated themselves with the campaign, they went through proper channels. But, even more supporters of Dr. Paul were calling foul before the game even started. They were scary. Anyone that even suggested that the poll may not be rigged was assaulted verbally and pounded into submission. This is not healthy for the supporters or the campaign.

The Ron Paul Revolution is a slogan for the grassroots campaign with "love" highlighted. However, many of the supporters are failing to show love. This saddens me. The supporters that are so dedicated seem to miss half of Dr. Paul's message. Many of the supporters focus on the fact that Ron Paul is anti-government, anti-establishment. However, the other half of that coin is that Ron Paul is pro-individual, pro-respect, pro-love. I believe that the part of the message that everyone is missing is that Dr. Paul has a love, respect and admiration for each and every one of his supporters. Likewise, we should all love, respect and admire each other. Dr. Paul is a great leader that not only says the right things, he does the right things. We, his supporters, should do more to emulate our next President, Ron Paul.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Philosophy of Liberty

It angers me when people (such as people that write for the Irregular Times) use the Constitution as a bolster for ridiculous claims even when the Constitution contradicts what they are saying, argues differently than what they are saying or, ultimately, just has no reference to their points.

It would be proper to suggest to those people to read the Constitution. However, the Constitution is vague enough that you have to actually understand the context of the Constitution. Required reading: Virginia Declaration of Rights, Declaration of Independence and John Locke's 2nd Treatise on Civil Government.

It saddens me that not enough people know enough about the Constitution to understand that these people are misusing it such a way. However, it is the responsibility of people that claim the be backed by the Constitution itself should spend more time understanding what the Constitution actually means.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Purpose of this Blog

I haven't yet made a purpose statement. I thought that it would be useful for anyone who read the blog and for myself, as well. Each and every blog should have a purpose statement to focus their efforts.

Conservative Liberty was originally concocted as a platform to describe my seemingly outrageous, ultra-conservative ideals. However, I went off to college and lost interest in expressing my ideas. So, when I heard about Ron Paul, my political ideas were embodied in the great man that Ron Paul is. He reawakened by strong, conservative feelings.

So, in all effects, the purpose of this blog is to voice my conservative ideas. These ideas range from local government to state government to national government. Also, as a subpoint, this blog chronicles my involvement in campaigning for Ron Paul--the candidate that I endorse.

Monday, June 18, 2007


The year: 1998.
The president: Bill Clinton.
The topic: War in Iraq.

I was browsing some of Dr. Ron Paul's weekly columns (which he is surprisingly disciplined in giving, I must say. It appears that he hasn't skipped a beat since August of 1997! That's nearly 10 years!). I came across an article that shows his position on the war before Bush ever took office. This clearly solidifies Dr. Ron Paul's assertions that the war was in motion before Sept. 11, 2001 and that the event was only used to accelerate the progress of the war.

Taking it to the streets: Part 4

Saturday, I spent much of my day on the south-east side of Indianapolis. I drove down there for a Ron Paul meet-up. It was fun.

Michael started off the meeting by giving a rundown of what Ron Paul had done since the group's last meet up. They last met after the second debates; however, this was my first meeting. Afterward, the members of the group started working and coming up with some ideas. Half of the group used stencils, spray paint, markers, etc. to create a whole slew of Ron Paul banners. We used cheap DuPont Homewrap for the medium to create our larger signs. It thought that that was a good idea.

The meeting was intended for the members to make signs. But, to the credit of the supporters enthusiasm, several of us, including me, walked to the busy intersection down the road and handed out fliers. We held up signs and weaved our way through the cars trying to inform as many people as possible about Dr. Ron Paul.

At first, I was a bit disheartened. Not many people wanted to hear of it, it just didn't matter to them! But, as the day went on, people seemed to be more and more receptive to it. We got several shoutouts supporting Rep. Paul and a few that claimed loyalty to other presidents (including Obama and Fred). I think the old lady that supported Fred Thompson was more starstruck than anything!

All in all, we probably had nearly a thousand people get to see the name Ron Paul and that there was support for him. We also handed out around 200 fliers. It was an exciting experience and helped support the good doctor!

Part 3
Part 2
Part 1

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Technorati censors Ron Paul?

According to No Governor Anywhere [Link] Technorati has some fishy business going on. I went to the Technorati site and found the same things that he had.

I examined the source code and found that there is, indeed, something weird going on. Ron Paul's "spot" on the list has been replaced by:

<li class="e1">
<a href="/wtf?new&topic=" class="trk" title="Why is hot?">
<img src="http://static.technorati.com/static/css/img/icn/icon-wtf-off-small.png" alt="WTF: " />


<a href="/tag/" class="trk" title="See what people are saying about right now"> </a></li>
This seems very odd. I would guess that this is a server-side problem instead of a deliberate attempt to censor Ron Paul. However, you are allowed to your own opinion of the situation.

Edit: All Ron Paul references have been deleted from Technorati's front page. Again, I'm still hoping for the best and that Technorati is just having technical problems.

Edit2: The mystery continues. It seems that it is fluctuating from a full Ron Paul reference in correct form to having nothing to show for it (reducing the top 10 to a top 9). Very odd indeed and something that wouldn't be intentional. Though, sloppy hacking cannot be ruled out.

Edit3: Adding MORE to the "What the Fuck?" factor, when the Ron Paul shows up second on the "What's Hot?" list, an odd tag shows up in the "Popular" section. It says "wtf/ron-paul/2007/06/13/ron-paul-s-interview" and links to "wtf" tags. Also, I notice that the page to display a blog's authority has been updated. So, and I'm going to reiterate, I think that they updated the code for the server and fucked up something in there.

Final Edit/Update: Technorati is back to "normal" with a few updates. The only change to the front page is that the tag cloud no longer is "size-sensitive" but is, instead, alphabetized. Probably just some minor bugs while implementing new code. I'd have to say that doesn't constitute censorship. Yay! The blogosphere is still free.

Hitting the Streets for Ron Paul: Part 3

Tonight, I needed to get some cheese. No, not money or superfluous government spending. Nor is it an excretion for the body. I needed American cheese that came from the milk of cows that was then processed to become cheese. So, I went to WalMart.

I had some time; so, I thought, "Why not just stand outside for about an hour and promote Ron Paul outside of WalMart?" I did so. A half an hour, 50 'you are weird' looks and 1 conversation with a guy that knew who Ron Paul was later, I was confronted by an assistant manager of WalMart and told that I couldn't stand outside. She told me that I had to call the manager in the morning and ask permission. She was nice about it and wasn't trying to be mean. It was just company policy. I understood and left. I then went to Kroger and K-Mart and asked the managers if I could hold a sign supporting a presidential candidate outside. They, respectfully, told me that I couldn't do that. Although a bit disheartened that I couldn't support my candidate, I learned a few things about campaigning. Corporations aren't going to let you promote things on their property. Instead, you are better off promoting your views at a public location full of people.

In the near future, I will be going to a mall and trying my luck there. We also have a MeetUp on Saturday that I'm looking forward to.

Ron Paul answers tough questions on Tucker

I just finished watching Ron Paul on Tucker Carlson's show on MSNBC. Tucker asked Dr. Paul some pretty tough questions and I think the Ron Paul answered them well. One of the questions Tucker asked was in regard to Federal aid to the city of New Orleans. Rep. Paul stated that he wouldn't and cited Galveston, Texas as an example where the federal government need not to be involved.

Video to be updated when I see it.

Edit: Video uploaded on YouTube [Link]

Ron Paul on Tucker Carlson?

According to RonPaul2008's campaign at Eventful.com [Link], Ron Paul will be appearing on Tucker Carlson Thursday, June 14th at 4:00pm. I haven't heard anyone else talking about this, so take it with a grain of salt. It may be a mistake on the part of the campaign.

An Abbreviated List of Ron Paul Supporters

Here is an abbreviated list of the Founders, the men that are revered by the people of this country for their wisdom and courage, that would support Dr. Ron Paul's politics.

  • Abraham Baldwin. US Congressman for 18 years. Has had 2 counties and a college named after him. Disagreed with a establishing a central bank.
  • John Blair. Justice of the Supreme Court. Ruling led to the passage of the 11th Amendment. Believed in the principle of separation of powers.
  • Jared Ingersoll. Former US Vice Presidential candidate. Supporter of states' rights.
  • Nicholas Gilman. US Congressman for 10 years. Supporter of the rights of the "common man" and against governmental abuses of power.
  • George Washington. First elected President of the United States. General. Et cetera. Against foreign interventionism.
  • William Samuel Johnson. US Congressman for 2 years. President of Columnbia College. Against executive branch power (supported Congress's ability to review presidential appointments)
  • James Madison. President. Congressman. Secretary of State. Et cetera. Against central bank. Strict adherence to the Constitution. Et cetera.
  • Richard Spaight. US Congressman for 5 years. Opposed expanding the Federal government's powers.
  • Charles Pickney. Governor. US Congressman for 5 years. Opposed establishment of a national bank and expansion of federal powers.
  • Oliver Ellsworth. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. US Congressman. Supporter of states' rights.
  • Elbridge Gerry. Vice President. Governor. US Congressman. Against expansion of federal government powers.
  • George Mason. Held no position but wrote the basis for Madison's proposed Bill of Rights. Supported people's rights.
  • Edmund Randolph. US Attorney General. US Secretary of State. Governor. Opposed expansion of federal power.
  • Robert Yates. Influential statesman. Opposed expansion of federal power.

Again, this is an ABBREVIATED LIST of the Founders that would support Dr. Ron Paul. Several Founders were not included because they were "Federalists" who supported that establishment of a central bank and the expansion of federal powers. However, several of these Founders, I would surmise, would disagree with the extent that the Federal government's power has expanded to. Still, more were not added because of the lack of information on them when I was doing research. I feel that this list is adequate to get my point across.

All of this information can be checked at Wikipedia.

Edit: This takes into account what that a Framer is someone that signed the Constitution. The other "Framers" on Wikipedia are actually "Founders" and not "Framers."

Blog redesign and Colbert

The blog has been redesigned. The guy with the poster is Chris, not me. My car, though, has the picture of the sign on it.

I watched the Colbert Report tonight. It was entertaining and Dr. Ron Paul showed passion, enjoyment and true belief with his message on the show. Once again, the man impressed me. There is a YouTube video of the interview [link].