Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ron Pauled Out

Recently, at RPF [link], someone stated that they were Ron Pauled out. What he meant by this is that he had so much enthusiasm when he first heard of Dr. Paul and his message that he fervently supported him. However, over the course of a few days, weeks or months, his support has waned.

I think that this may be a problem for several supporters and I think that it is an important issue to address. Many of Paul's supporters are angry. In fact, they've been characterized as the angry libertarian cats. This is clearly true especially in the face of blatant opposition such as the case with Ed Failor and the Iowa debates.

However, this is the wrong approach for the Paul supporters to take. At least, that is my humble opinion. Dr. Paul stated in a speech at "Ronstock" that he wanted his supporters to have fun. I wholeheartedly agree with the good doctor (surprise!) and think that the little comment he made should be taken to heart.

Many supporters take this election very, very seriously--and, rightly so. However, approaching the electoral process with anger and disdain is counter-productive and counter-intuitive. There are certain situations where fervent support for Dr. No is both necessary and encouraged--such as the situation with Ed Failor. However, at other times, the rabid attack and hatred that comes from the community is unhealthy and, at times, scary. For example, before the straw poll there were a few concerned citizens that went through a legal process to hold up the Straw Poll. While I disagree with what they did and how they associated themselves with the campaign, they went through proper channels. But, even more supporters of Dr. Paul were calling foul before the game even started. They were scary. Anyone that even suggested that the poll may not be rigged was assaulted verbally and pounded into submission. This is not healthy for the supporters or the campaign.

The Ron Paul Revolution is a slogan for the grassroots campaign with "love" highlighted. However, many of the supporters are failing to show love. This saddens me. The supporters that are so dedicated seem to miss half of Dr. Paul's message. Many of the supporters focus on the fact that Ron Paul is anti-government, anti-establishment. However, the other half of that coin is that Ron Paul is pro-individual, pro-respect, pro-love. I believe that the part of the message that everyone is missing is that Dr. Paul has a love, respect and admiration for each and every one of his supporters. Likewise, we should all love, respect and admire each other. Dr. Paul is a great leader that not only says the right things, he does the right things. We, his supporters, should do more to emulate our next President, Ron Paul.